CRE Loaded Shopping Cart

CRE Loaded is an advanced version of osCommerce. It takes osCommerce to one step further by integrating a number of modules and providing a complete template based shopping cart solution. CRE Loaded is one of the best out of box shopping cart for stand alone online shop or B2B shop.

CRE Loaded is Open and Secure eCommerce shopping cart script which can be used to build any type of online shop.

We have extensive experience in CRE Loaded shopping cart design, development, integration, and customization.


Our CRE Loaded Development Services include followings

  • CRE Loaded Web Design
  • CRE Loaded Custom Template Design
  • CRE Loaded shopping cart development
  • CRE Loaded Extension customization and development.
  • CRE Loaded SEO
  • Payment gateway integration
  • B2B shopping portal

Payment Modules

We have experience integrating and setting up following CRE Loaded payment modules.
  • CRE Secure Payment Module
  • Credit Card with CVV & CVV for UK
  • Paypal IPN
  • Paypal Website Payment Pro (WPP) Payment Module
  • 2Checkout Payment Module (2CO)
  • Credit Card with CVV2
  • Realex Payments
  • SagePay
  • Google Checkout
  • World Pay
  • SecurePay
  • SEC Pay
Q Chex, PSI Gate, Plug N Pay Payment Module, PayJunction, PayFlowPro, PayBox, NoChex and other payment modules.

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CRE Loaded Portfolio

It's a Great Idea

This online shop offers users to order personalized banners and allows functionality to allow users to upload their own banner.

We have developed custom CRE Loaded module which allows user to upload their own banner.
Wide Fit Shoes

Wide Fit Shoes is UK's leading shop for wide fit shoes.

We have provided wide range of services for this CRE Loaded based online shop including Menu customization and Code Optimization, speed optimization.
Hush Hair
Pippins Gifts
Pippins Gifts

CRE Loaded FAQ

1. How much it will cost to design a custom CRE Loaded template and integrate it with CRE Loaded.

The cost for a custom CRE Loaded template varies from design to design. Until and unless we have exact requirements for the design we might not be able to provide exact figure. To give an idea a simple template design could cost around £500.

2. I have a CRE Loaded B2B portal and I want to develop a custom module for it, do you offer such services.

Yes we offer custom CRE Loaded module development.

3. I have a CRE Loaded online shop which is very slow. Do you offer any services to make CRE loaded shop fast loading.

The speed of website depends on many factors and might not be 100% related to CRE Loaded. Yes we offer services to optimize the CRE Loaded online shopping cart to make it load faster.

4. My CRE Loaded website is hacked and whole online shop is broken, could you help in recovering it to normal?

Yes sure. We are always here yo help you. We have in house capability to take care of CRE Loaded shopping cart setup as well as any issues with Web hosting or website security. Please contact us with the details of your problem and we will get it sorted.

5. We want to modify some of the features in the payment gateway, can you do it?

Yes we can modify the Payment Gateway module features provided the required functionality is supported by the Gateway. If the Payment Gateway doesn't support this then it will not possible to modify it.

6. Can you develop a new Payment Gateway MOD for us?

Yes, we can develop new Payment Gateway MOD provided we have the API document with us.