We offer Guaranteed SEO Services which enable our clients to get top ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN And other search engines in less time and cost.

Research shows that Search engines drive 85% of all first time traffic to a site. A search engine has organic and sponsored results. The organic results attract 80-90% of all search engines. Only 10-20% will be sponsored. You definitely have to come in the top list of the organic results to attract traffic, rather the most targeted traffic. The reason is the visitors of organic results will be keen to buy products. Therefore, you have to attract them as best as possible and this is likely to happen only when you top the list.

Swami Web Design’s effective role comes here which assures the highest ROI for all the projects. This highly personalized search engine submission and optimization program will help get your site listed quickly and accurately on the top search engines.

Guaranteed Google Top 10

We offer Guaranteed Google top 10 ranking with money back guarantee. Our Guaranteed Google top 10 services enable clients to achieve top 10 ranking on Google in less time.

On Page Optimization

Title tag optimization

Title tag is the text which appears in the top of a browser window and it is very important factor in SEO and also very useful for the visitors to know about a page. We analyze each and every page in a web site to find out unique and relevant title tag. We also optimize the title tag for the search engines which helps to increase the search result ranking.

Metatag Keyword Optimization

We research your web site for keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is one of the most effective way to make your web site appear on the top of search engine searches.

Metatag Description Optimization

Description metatag is also very important part of SEO which is generally ignored and underutilized. We research and optimize each and every page in the web site to utilize the description metatag capabilities to its fullest.

Search Engine Submission

Web site submission to top search engine and directories. We carefully manually submit to the top search engines and directories – including: Google, MSN, Yahoo, Lycos, AOL, Excite, AltaVista, DogPile, Open Directory (DMOZ), Fast/AllTheWeb, Hot Bot, LookSmart, Netscape, About.com, NBCI, IWON, and Overture. We analyze each and every website before submitting to Search Engines. We submit only to relevant directories.

Link Building

Relevant and high density incoming links are the most effective way to make your website appear on the top of search engines. We do link building from the most relevant website’s.

Directory Submission

As part of link building strategy we submit website to more than 3000 free Internet directories. Our Directory Submission Services is effective and brings higher success rate.